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Brand Design

ARSARI Peduli Indonesia





Visual Designer


Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator

Logo Design, Stationery Set Design, Product Packaging Design, Marketing Flyer, Company Profile, Website

Design Process

ARSARI Peduli Indonesia is a social enterprise established in 2016, formed to support the Wadah Foundation (a non-profit organization) and its communities. As a newly founded trading company under the ARSARI Group, ARSARI Peduli Indonesia (API) needed a brand identity that would distinguish it from its parent company but still maintain its affiliation with the group. Thus, the structure and shape of the primary group’s logo was maintained.

In the Indonesian language, the word “*api*” means “fire.” As the saying goes, “Fire brings new life,” it seemed like kismet that its acronym was metaphoric of its role in supporting and “bringing new life” to the activities and communities of Wadah Foundation - API’s main beneficiary. It was because of this that the logo of ARSARI Peduli Indonesia was decided to be the color of “fire” - a mix of red, yellow, and orange.


Key Learnings/Reflection

This project was my first attempt at visual design and in creating a corporate visual brand identity concept. Looking back now, I realize and see many things that can be improved starting with the proper alignment of elements and margin consistency.

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