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Satu Dasawarsa Wadah Mengabdi





Graphic Designer, Layout Designer


Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop

Printed Book

Design Process

"Satu Dasawarsa Wadah Mengabdi: A Decade of Service to Humanity" was published in 2018 in celebration of Wadah Foundation's 10-year anniversary. It showcases the milestones and achievements of the organization in its decade of service towards empowering grassroots communities in Indonesia. This book project was initiated by the management of the organization to be presented to the founder as a surprise during the anniversary celebration.

As the Graphic and Layout Designer for this project, I was responsible for the collation of materials and conceptualization of the design. The main theme colors of the overall celebration of the anniversary were gold and blue which were also used as the primary colors of the book project.

The book features two languages - English and Bahasa Indonesia - which can be seen side by side in a page or on opposite sides of a spread. This was intended to eliminate the need to print two versions of the same book.


View the "Satu Dasawarsa Wadah Mengabdi" book below:

Key Learnings/Reflection

This was a memorable experience having been part of the 10-year anniversary of the organization. It was also the first time my name was credited in an officially published book registered with an ISBN.

The final product was printed just in time for the anniversary event. However, the paper used by the printing studio was less than ideal. The quality of the paper affected the brightness of the print which made it darker than the intended output. Lesson learned: type of paper used greatly affects the final finish of the print.

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