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Event Design

Wadah Global Gathering 2018





Graphic Designer, Video Content Editor


Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator, Final Cut Pro X

Event Logo, Banner, Save The Date, Invitation, Booklet, Flyer, Giveaways, Event Programme, T-shirt, Video Content/Presentation, Website

Design Process

The Wadah Global Gathering 2018, conducted on 22-23 March 2018, was a two-day event that gathered like-minded individuals celebrating women who had been working courageously and tirelessly to address the challenges confronting their societies, cultures and communities.

I was in charge of the overall design of the materials used for the event including event logo, flyers, booklets, banners, digital advertisements, shirt design, etc.
The main theme of the event was "WOMEN: Torchbearers and Pillars of Hope." Incorporating the two keywords - women and torchbearers, I created a logo that visualizes the torch flame in the shape of a woman’s face.

Aside from the event logo, a photo of a flaming torch was also used as a main design for the event - used in the banner, booklets, t-shirts, etc. The flaming torch is a symbol of what the women stand up for and believe in. When you take up the torch yourself, you show your support for the women by recognizing the hope they bring to the society.

Aside from graphic design needs, I was also in charge of the video reels needed for the event which required collated videos from the speakers to be edited for cohesiveness and ensure smooth transition. Some videos which were in the local language had to be translated to English for subtitles.


Here are some samples of the videos I edited and translated for use at the event proper. I collated the video contents and created a brief introduction video for each of the speakers.

Session 1: WOMEN POWER - Zakiyah "Kiky" Samal

Session 2: PASSION FOR LEARNING - Kiswanti


Session 4: WOMEN FROM AFAR - Rasmi


Key Learnings/Reflection

This event was the second Wadah Global Gathering I was a part of which is why my previous experience helped me recognize the things that needed to be prepared and how to execute actions effectively.

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