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I have more than nine years of graphic design experience in creating visual and multimedia content for a non-profit organization. 

Wadah Chronicles - June 2020 Edition.jpg
Wadah Chronicles June 2020.jpg


Here are some of the designs I worked on and published in various media formats.

Satu Dasawarsa Wadah Mengabdi

As the Graphic and Layout Designer for this project, I was responsible for the collation of materials and conceptualization of the book design of "Satu Dasawarsa Wadah Mengabdi" coffee table book.

Brand Design
ARSARI Peduli Indonesia

ARSARI Peduli Indonesia (API) needed a visual brand identity that would distinguish it from its parent company but still maintain its affiliation with the group.

Event Design
Wadah Global Gathering 2018

I was in charge of the overall design of the materials used for 'The Wadah Global Gathering 2018' - a two-day event that gathered like-minded individuals celebrating women leaders.

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